Ian Ainslie Attempts The Impossible In Property

Don't think Ian Ainslie doesn't know what he has tried to do. This isn't the act of a man trying to obtain office in a decidedly red state. When you try and become the governor of Alabama, being a republican will get your everywhere. When you are trying to become the next senator of Illinois, the issue is much more difficult when you back the republican party. Illinois has been, for as long as anyone cares to remember, a democratic state. Better at property development? Democrat and his father before him. The landlords from London? A long history of democrats and most notably the President of the United States Barack Obama. The former governor of Illinois? A democrat through and through. A crook but a democrat through and through.

And that is where Ian Ainslie is making head way and thatís what makes his improbable run for the senate seat that much more interesting. If you donít recall this was the vacant seat left by the current President Obama. After it was up for grabs, former governor Rod Blagojevich tried to sell the senate seat before being caught and thrown out of office disgracefully. This seat holds enormous weight in Congress and one that the Republicans need badly.

So why would Mr. Ainslie be so bold as to try and do it? Simply because he can. The nation is at a place right now where it no longer is trusting of the Democratic party the way it was two years ago when Barack got elected. These days there is a lot of wondering just what the Democrats are trying to do. In Illinois they are coming off a time of great crisis and a shake up might be the only way to see effective results.

Real Estate Lawyers: Duties and Responsibilities

Real estate issues are delicate and there are many things that can go wrong with real estate. The legal area is vast and it's regulated by common law, as well as federal and state statutes. When transactions within real estate go sour, lawyers who specialize in laws and regulations of the segment come into play. They act as litigators, and they also handle the legal aspects of real estate transactions.

The job of a real estate lawyer differs depending on his specialization. Some lawyers choose to handle fraud cases; others prefer real estate transactions or residential and commercial real estate. Some real estate lawyers decide to focus on real estate fraud cases (mortgage frauds or disclosure frauds, for instance), while others prefer focusing on zoning and subdivision laws and land use.

Most commonly, a real estate lawyer will deal with terms and conditions negotiation and he will have to prepare and review documents and mediate in title transfers. He will handle contract drafts, lease issues, eviction proceedings, disputes between the landlord and the tenant or homeowner association issues. The real estate lawyer will cover any issue that may arise within the area, be it title disputes, covenants, mortgages or easements. Most real estate issues affect both commercial businesses and individuals, no matter if they are in the position of a landlord or a tenant. Types of law that are practiced within real estate are land law, contract law, equity and trusts, environmental law, dispute resolution, construction law and planning law. As you can see, the area overlaps with a multitude of other law areas.

Minimizing financial loss of the seller and buyer is their main concern. If needed, they will check loan documents and contracts for any omissions or errors. Real estate lawyers will help their clients with title issues, insurance issues or environmental concerns. As with any other lawyer expertise, written and verbal communication skills are a must, as well as strong analytical and negotiation skills. As there are many interconnected areas in real estate, networking is also considered a good trait.

Some real estate lawyers work for the government and use their experience and expertise to handle operations and issues within building and zoning departments of counties and municipalities. Others work in corporations and lending institutions. Some prefer to work for title or real estate companies and advise them about all the issues that may arise and how to avoid them they will explain why high interest rates on mortgages might be bad and when the lending standards are too tight.

The salary is good and depends on hourly rates and experience. Economic recession isn't the best time for real estate lawyers (as oppose to bankruptcy lawyers), as the demand for real estate declines in such times. If there are not enough job opportunities, relocating might help. Even so, there are still many individuals and corporations who seek the expertise and advice from real estate lawyers, so itís not a surprise that the working hours might be quite long, so if youíre planning to go down this road, bring plenty of coffee.

Conservatives and Race

Conservatives are often labeled as racist. However, this is far from the truth. Conservatives believe if you develop programs such as affirmative action, you are creating racial inequality. You are giving to one race and taking away from another. Policies based on race will only succeed in creating tension among all races.

Conservatives base their policies on racial equality. They assume the equality exists. A good example is the notion of hate crimes. In the conservative viewpoint, a crime is a crime regardless of why the crime was committed. It is not that they are unsympathetic to hate crime victims. If a person is murdered because of their ethnicity and another is murdered for money, a conservative believe both crimes deserve the same punishment regardless of the motivation for the crime. This is not racism it is simple common sense.

Conservatives believe that hate crime legislation prevents and adversely effects racial harmony. In order for a diverse population to get along, laws must be equal and fair. Creating legislation to benefit one race will only cause resentment. Conservatives believe the welfare system creates a wedge between races. Unfortunately, African-Americans rely on the welfare system more than any other race and that's about as much fun as looking for a Locksmith. Conservatives are perceived as racists because they believe welfare should not be left up to the Government. They believe there are enough charities and organizations that people can turn to for assistance. American taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for single mothers that continue to have children they cannot afford to take care of.

The welfare system creates racial disharmony and the conservative view on welfare has little to do with race. Conservatives are not racist. Their views are simply practical and are more geared toward racial equality than racial inequality. Government spending is out of control and conservative views are more related to controlling government spending than race.

Conservative News: The GOP Takes the House

The Republican Party took the majority of the seats in the United States House of Representatives. In a couple of landslide elections throughout the country the Republican Party was able to regain the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives on November 2, 2015.

What was typically a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has now had the balance of the scales tipped in favor of Republicans. So what does this mean for election issues and future political issues?

The key issue that is sure to be at the center of the debate of the House is that of the health care bill. Many Republicans while they believe there is a need for a universal health care reform bill do not agree with the majority of the issues that the Democrats presented. Issues that are sure to come up include that of the inclusion of abortions, birth control pills as a form of preventative measures, the requirement of health insurance for those living in the country and even the hot topic issue of what is being called a death panel and having the government take control of people's health care.

With the win of the House of Representatives there are sure to be issues and problems that arise in the future. Currently the Senate still has a majority of Democrats so issues that come before the Senate that are largely supported by Democrats will be passed quickly. However, under America's legislative branch a bill cannot become a law until it is passed by both the House and the Senate. This is where many bills will hit a bump in the road to becoming a law, as it is sure that those in the House will quickly overturn, change and debate the finer points of the Senate bill. This could force many potential laws to die in the House, be bounced back and forth for debate or just simply get lost in the confusion.

Politics Today

The weekend before Valentine's Day 2016 marked the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). This is a highlight in conservative events and sets the tone for the Republican Primary for the Presidential race in 2012. Many view the CPAC as a rite of passage for the potential Republican nominees.

Below is the review of the speakers and how they fared at the 2011 conference.

  • Ron Paul of Texas won the straw poll the second year in a row. He was obviously the favored conservative of the weekend. Many feel though he is more of a sensational speaker rather than one who can turn the liberal tide of the country.
  • Orrin Hatch received the most boos from the crowd. He was asked to explain his supporting vote of the bail-out. Although he admitted it might have been a mistake, he felt that the country would have entered a severe depression if the government had not stepped in. The crowd was so rowdy and obviously opposed to his voting choice, many never heard his response. Hatch will have to do much to repair his reputation, some feel, if he hopes to gain candidacy in 2012.
  • Mitt Romney of Massachusetts delivered a powerful speech which was very well received by the crowd. He is considered to be the front runner for the conservative race for President in 2012.
  • Mitch Daniels of Indiana hit the national debt hard in his delivered address. Although his speech was only met with polite applause, he was considerably praised by the national media and made the Drudge Report.
  • Michele Bachmann of Minnesota also could be considered a ìwinnerî at the CPAC. Her address produced a standing ovation. It is reported that she was surrounded by admirers where ever she went at the conference.

Although there is still much time before the 2016 Presidential Elections many feel that the CPAC has set the stage for conservative nominees. As the public was reintroduced to these conservative super stars, it can better determine who should be selected.

Rise of the Modern Day Tea Party?

In the early years of the American colonies revolt against British rule, there are several landmark events that stand out in history. One of these is the Boston Tea Party in which some "rebellious" colonists, in Boston, Massachusetts went aboard a tea ship docked in Boston Harbor and threw all the tea overboard as a clear expression of their strong anti-tax opinions. Although these colonists impacted history and played a critical role in the Revolutionary War, it is doubtful they fully comprehended the leading role they exemplified for generations to come.

Throughout the 1990's there were many anti-tax protests to display the public's outrage of government taxes. In more recent years, Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas and his supporters held a fund-raiser on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party for the 2008 Presidential Primary Race. The politician's platform was to remove the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to do away with the Federal Reserve System. He and his followers strongly supported giving State governments more rights and keeping the National government at bay.

In 2009 a Tea Party protest was conducted by the Young Americans for Liberty in response to Governor Patterson's suggestion for an obesity tax. This was one of over 100 taxes that the New York State Governor proposed. Many at the protest wore Indian head dresses resembling those worn by the Boston colonists at the original Boston Tea party.

In February 2009, a Seattle conservative Blogger, Keli Carender, rallied a protest the day before President Obama signed the nationís stimulus package. She did not lean on other groups, but rather through her own networking was able to gather approximately 120 people. Later on February 27, 2009, she and many other "Tea Party" protestors across the country (in 40 different cities nationwide) protested to show their rage at the governmentís behavior. It is believed that both Bushís bail out and Obamaís bail out are the events that gave birth to the modern day Tea Party Movement.

Teaching the Art of Charities

Teaching the young the act of charity can be a daunting task. Everyone likes to get stuff. It's not so easy to give stuff away. Our world is full of want. But teaching charity can help us to learn the difference between wants and needs and also the joy of giving. Parents and family members have to make a conscience effort to teach children about charity in everyday life. They can also make a conscience effort to help their children find opportunities to give to others through charitable organizations in their society and community and also through daily acts of service and kindness to others.

There are lots of great ways to help children instill a tradition of charity in their hearts and actions every day. The Christmas holidays always create tons of great opportunities for giving to charities and other service organizations. But the act of having charity in mind needs to be something we consider all year long. Society doesn't just need charity at Christmas. There are people in need all around us every day. You don't need to turn on the television to be reminded of that. Some great things that families do include doing a monthly donation run to a charitable organization like the Salvation Army.

Some families will take a monthly load of groceries or even a small bag to the local food pantry. Kids need to know where these places are and understand that they are a wonderful gift to a community. Children need to see their adult family members going into these places and having positive experiences there. When schools offer charity events, families can support their children in giving generously if finances allow. Let children get excited to be involved in charity events and acts of service. Families can also enact their own charity activities and let their children help plan and do them.

The Tea Party and Racism

Since its inception, the Tea Party has been vocal and at some rallies, members have expressed racist views. In 2010, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) identified the Tea Party as a racist movement. To call the entire movement racist is the same as stating all African-Americans are against white Americans.

Few people realize many African-American conservatives have been members of the Tea Party since its inception. There are many racist elements in the Tea Party, however, the majority member's fight to remove these elements as quickly as possible. Initially, the Tea Party was a simple grass roots organization started by working class Americans that were disillusioned by the politics of the day. Many had never been involved in politics until they joined the movement.

The Tea Party gained popularity as the house market and economy spiraled downward. The movement grew as billion dollar corporations asked for government bailouts while CEOs received million dollar bonuses.

It is an organization of middle class Americans that are sick and tired of carrying the burden of government waste and spending. While the Government gave billions to big corporations for bail out, many Americans lost their homes and jobs. Middle class America is tired of funding welfare programs. Millions of Americans are on welfare and will spend the rest of their lives on welfare while hardworking Americans foot the bill. The Tea Party is not asking the funding be cut for African-Americans on welfare; they are asking the funding be cut for all Americans on welfare.

The Tea Party is not racist and should not be judged as racist because of a hand full of people that expressed racist views. This attack on the Tea Party is without merit and seems to be the only way Liberal organizations can find fault with the party.

Don't Get Too Jaded

Our government has a lot of problems. It's so easy to get frustrated and jaded by what's going on. Many people feel that they have no control over it. In the short term this can sometimes be true, but in the long term, we all have control over what's going on in our government.

In the midst of all the sarcasm, it's important to realize that there are people trying to get it right in our government. Some people may think that running for public office is a power move. This can be the case, but many good Americans run for government office, because they are willing to put their heart and soul into what they believe and they really do want to make a difference. Do they always do the best job? Do they always make the right choices? No. This being said, there are also lots of idiots who run for government positions. It's important that we not allow ourselves to get so sick of the entire process that we stop being involved. When the general American citizenry, becomes so lazy or disillusioned with our politics and government that we quit caring, listening, and being involved, this is when our nation fails. Unfortunately, many people think this has already begun to happen.

It's time to try and find the positive. Take a world view and compare out nationís government to others around the world. Notice how lucky we are to live in a place where a dictator can't drag us out into the streets and murder us for speaking against them. Notice how lucky we are to live in an economically vital nation, even if it does have problems.

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