A 24 Hour Guide To Avoid Hangover

The holiday season has its perks and its curses; everybody wants to party hard and enjoy till the end of the night. However, after all those party nights and enjoyment on the beach once might feel hung-over due to the effects of alcohol usage.  The step by step guide presented below will help you not only avoid a hangover but also you will get up refreshed the subsequent morning.

6 a.m. Get up and get yourself hydrated

Dehydration is considered to be one of the most important reasons of a hangover, so increase your water intake especially in the mornings.

7 a.m. Take exercise.

Exercise is always suggested, but it is recommended to take exercise while making sure that you are staying hydrated. Try not to exercise just before the party.

8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Breakfast and Lunch

Take two meals of your day i.e. breakfast and lunch between this gap of 8:30 am-12:30 pm. Experts suggest having breakfast with fibers and proteins including oatmeal, avocado toast, and eggs. Lunch can be a bit luxurious with the mixture of protein, fibers, fats and carbs.

6 p.m. The pre-party snacks:

The pre-party snacks are the most important; in fact, it would not harm you to eat a proper meal before the party. Having a meal just before the party will prevent you from eating nonhealthy snacks and the protein, carbs in your meal will lower the absorption rate of alcohol in your stomach.
7 p.m. Party time!

The tasty treats on the party are mostly irresistible; however, it would be helpful to eat with pre-planning. It is suggested to focus on proteins more and fried, and fatty treats should be avoided.

During the visit to the bar, always remember to:

  • Keep yourself hydrated: Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to avoid hangovers, it is suggested by the experts to avoid taking crystal clear water with a little bit of lemon or lime.
  • Take it slow: Don’t drink alcohol too much at once, either set a limit for the glasses per hour or limit yourself to a certain number of drinks per night.
  • Light and clear: It is commonly known fact that the darker the color of your drink, the harder you will feel hung- So try to use lighter color drink including white wine, vodka, and beer.
  • Avoid bubbly drinks: Avoid using carbonated drinks, they slow down the alcohol absorption process, it includes champagne.

11 p.m.: Have a snack again
Try to have a healthy easy to digest carbohydrate meal or snack; toast is known to be the best snack after a lot of alcohol and partying.

12 a.m. Have some water and hit the sack.

Get yourself hydrated again and get back to bed to get a good night sleep, try not to take any anti-hangover medications.
8 a.m. The morning

Always get your breakfast after the night of drinking, and a suggested breakfast include fruit, toast, or a plain bagel. Get light to moderate exercise to make yourself feel better.