Meals To Be Taken Post-Workout

You can have one or more than one of the below-mentioned foods after doing a workout that can please and satisfy your hunger in a nutritive and delightful manner:

Chocolate Milk: the sweetest delight 

It acts slowly and holds two main types of proteins known as:

  1. Whey protein
  2. Casein

The presence of chocolate will fetch your craving of a sweet tooth.

Add Berries to Greek Yogurt: A pleasant dessert

Berries are extremely rich in antioxidants. They can aid in inflammation and muscle soreness if consumed on a regular basis after having a workout. Addition of berries to Greek yogurt provides you with ample amount of protein and fulfills your craving for dessert.

Chicken and Rice: the much-loved items

Chicken and rice are much loved by most of the weightlifters. Use your imagination and add some cashew nuts for essential omega-3 fatty acids or prepare it into a stir fry with ample of vegetables. Its process of cooking and storing is easy and simple, and it can be refrigerated before the time of consumption.

Quinoa: fine ingredient

It can be added to breakfast cereals, chili, or salads for pleasure and for getting a considerable amount of protein after a sturdy workout. A fine and delightful vegetarian meal can be prepared by adding quinoa to the following ingredients:

i. Spices

ii. Garbanzo beans

iii. Garlic

iv. Zucchini

v. Lemon

By preparing this dish, you can have a great meal for post workout recovery.

Tuna and carbohydrate:

There are 42 g of lean protein in a single, standard container of tuna. Addition of a carbohydrate to it make this meal more nutritious and preferable after a workout. Examples of which include crackers, whole wheat bread/pita, etc.

Protein Smoothie with Kale and Banana

Addition of Kale to your smoothie after having exercise can be responsible for its funky color, anyhow, you will taste the difference by the skin of your teeth. Also, it comprises of additional antioxidants as compared to any other green. Combine the following ingredients in a blender to make a protein-rich smoothie:

i. Vanilla protein powder

ii. A frozen banana,

iii. A handful of kale

iv. Almond milk

Omelet of Egg Whites and a yolk

There are many different vitamins such as A, D, E, K and found in one egg yolk. From time to time, Egg yolks are considered bad to health, but consuming 1 on a daily basis won’t affect your health. Actually, consuming 4 to 5 egg whites in combination with one yolk will provide you with the protein your body requires.

Chia Seeds: The super food

You are failing to benefit from these seeds if you are not consuming this super food after a workout. Chia seeds can be used as a supporting substance to puddings, as a thickening agent to the smoothies, and as an additive in bakery item, since they create a consistency similar to gel when added to water. Practically, they have no taste, plus are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. For making a fantastic easy and quite advantageous drink, add these seeds to lemon water or orange juice.